Power Flushing Belfast, Newtownards, Lisburn, Antrim, and Moria areas

Powerflushing cleans your central heating system to make your house nice and warm again. If you’re finding that your radiators are cold, or not as hot as they used to be, or your hot water is failing then a power flush is a cost-effective solution to getting them all working again.

Who should I choose for my Power Flush?

Choosing a good heating engineer to carry out your power flushing job is very important because a skilled approach and lots of experience is needed to maximise the efficiency of the job. You will find that the longer-established companies will employ methodical techniques to isolate and concentrate on problem areas so that you are left with an optimised central heating system that won’t let you down during the cold winter months.

Power Flush clears system sludge leaving the pipework and components clean, clear and blockage free, See more benefits below:

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